Fifo Families - FIFO Families Seminar Sponsored by Rio Tinto in Albany
FIFO Families Seminar Sponsored by Rio Tinto in Albany

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Discover the seven most effective strategies used by FIFO Families to gain access to more support, more free time and more enjoyment in their fly-in fly-out... drive-in drive-out lifestyles.


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Generations of FIFO employees have worked out the best ways to manage the unique challenges faced by FIFO and drive-in drive-out workers and their families.
Now it’s your turn to start enjoying similar results
Rio Tinto has joined with FIFO Families to share the unique lifestyle solutions that FIFO employees and their families can access through the increased camaraderie and support opportunities currently available.
In this special presentation, Nicole Ashby, director of FIFO Families will share her personal experience of how you can turn a stressful existence of no time, no support and no understanding into a hugely rewarding and positive FIFO lifestyle experience.
Learn how thousands of other families have used these strategies to increase communication, and solve money, relationship and parenting issues. 


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