Fifo Families - Testimonials

Greg Heylen, BGC Contracting Chief Executive Officer

"One of the values of our Charter is Mutual Respect and our business has made a commitment to “ Look after our people and their families”. Through our partnership with Nicole Ashby and FIFO Families we have been able to deliver on this commitment to our FIFO employees and their families. Nicole Ashby and FIFO Families, through their personal experience and knowledge, have assisted BGC Contracting in providing a social network and support group for our employees’ families that also assist us meeting another of our Charter values- Safety – that is, that we commit to “ Care about our people’s health and wellbeing"

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Mandy McSherry,ROCKSTAR Training Coordinator

"Sending new trainees into the industry without an idea of what to expect and what support was available to them would have been setting them up to fail. We decided to call on FIFO families to present a one-day workshop for trainees and partners in order to provide them with the right tools for coping with the change in lifestyle, on both personal and professional levels. We received positive feedback from all that attended and recommend this workshop to anyone looking to get into the industry or are currently working FIFO."

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Shameelta Pratap, JOHN HOLLAND HR Strategy & Delivery Manager

"Nicole Ashby and FIFO Families have enabled John Holland to create a supportive network and program for our FIFO employees. Her knowledge and personal experience has been invaluable and I thank her personally for all her contributions and commitment to John Holland and FIFO community."

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