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How do I receive 5% discount from Woolworths and associated stores with my Frequent Values Card?

Head over to FIFO Families Frequent Values website and log in using your Frequent Values log in details.
Using the 'Shopping' tab find the 'Gift Card' Section and click on 'Woolworths WISH Gift Cards'.
Click 'Order Online' and with the new system, you can choose to purchase the traditional gift cards which are sent out in the post or the BRAND NEW eCards which are delivered directly to your email. 
Once you have received your Gift Card, you can take this to the associated stores and use this just like a debit card. Any further questions, please contact Claudia

How do I join FIFO Families?


See our membership page.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password go to our login page and click on forgotten password to have this reset. If you are still having issues logging in, please contact a FIFO Families Team Member via email,

Why do I need to log in to view events?

We want to be as secure as we can and ensure to the best level where we can, that members only will be attending our locally run FIFO Families events.  By logging in and registering to an event, it also allows us to let our wonderful local leaders who will be attending their event, which in turn assists them to plan and provide on the day.

Why is FIFO Families a company versus a not-for-profit?

FIFO Families is a peak industry body group.  Not only do we connect and support couples and families, but we also run workshops and seminars direct to our community and the private sector also.

FIFO Families are seen as leaders and visionaries and often sought by industry and various levels of government to consult on a range of issues pertaining to working away issues and lifestyle.

FIFO Families has made the choice to be a self reliant and funding company that can stand strong on its own and not be at the mercy of funding. We also recognize that the financial rewards of working FIFO are of great benefit and living below the poverty line or being financially disadvantaged are not generally experienced by the FIFO/DIDO community.   We promote social self determination and helping each other from the ground up and firmly believe that are better positioned to do this as company as opposed as a not-for-profit.

In saying this, we do support and work with many not-for-profits from differing areas in the community.

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