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Meet the FIFO Families Team

Paul McKenzie
B.Comm, Dip APMA, Dip Real Estate

Paul has been running and managing coporate business for nearly 15 years. He has degrees in Accounting and Marketing as well has been a registered Property Licensee and has completed his Financial Planning Accrediation.

Paul spent nearly three years travelling globally and interstate on a two weekly basis so he fully understands the issues around FIFO work. His immediate family have also been a FIFO family for over 12 years.

Paul has a passion for making a difference in the world and recently climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountainn at 5,895 metres above sea level, while raising money for The Telethon Adventurers who aim to cure childhood brain cancer - one adventure at a time.

Claudia Foster
IT and Administration

Claudia has been apart of a FIFO family for more than 20 years, with her father starting FIFO on a 6 and 1 roster back in the early 90’s, now on a 4 and 4 roster, and her brother working 4 and 4 rosters for the past 14 years. Claudia even did a contract of FIFO herself on a 3 and 1 roster on Barrow Island. The FIFO lifestyle is something Claudia is very passionate about both as a worker and a family member.
Claudia has been employed by FIFO Families for almost two years covering the IT Department, Advertising and Administration.
In her spare time, Claudia plays State League Netball and Representative Touch Football. Claudia is also a mad rugby fanatic, whether it be union or league.


Kirsty Turner
South Australia Leader Co-ordinator


Kirsty has been with FIFO Families for nearly 4 years. First Local Leader in Adelaide for 3 years & nearly a year as the South Australia Leader Co-ordinator, working hard to get the Adelaide team up and running.

Kirsty's husband worked as an Exploration Driller/Offsider for 6 years in various locations in Australia & on various rosters but were hit by the down turn 2 years ago & he now works full time in Adelaide. Kirsty and her family loved the FIFO lifestyle & hope to make a return one day.

Kirsty is a chef working at a Wedding Venue north of the city. Kirsty and her husband have a son named Logan who is 5 years old. Kirsty is hoping to study next year in Events & this will help with her role at FIFO Families.

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